Sensitive Tac


Project designed for people with disabilities and hand mobility difficulties, such as osteoarthritis, a very common problem in older people.
Arthritis and osteoarthritis are a degenerative joint disease and cause of potential problems over the years. In the project we found 2 types of hangers, the first one called Sensitive Tac, has an organic design, its shapes are used to hang jackets, bags, scarves …
It is easy to hang any dress by its shape, useful for any type of disability, adjustable in different heights, because you decide the measure to put each hanger.

CATEGORY: Decoration element.
MATERIAL: Polystyrene (GPPS)
DIMENSIONS: 38 × 30 H x 1cm

Sensitive Up

The second project, the Sensitive Up hanger, designed with organic shapes and curves, its shape and measurements make Sensitive Up a hanger for people with disabilities and osteoarthritis, it is an excellent solution, just press a little on the closet rod and hangs up quickly without any difficulty.

CATEGORY: Decoration element.
MATERIAL:  Polypropylene (pp)   
DIMENSION:   38×30 AL x 1cm