The most emblematic dish of the Valencian Community and of my little hometown, the Marina Alta, is rice. We could speak wonders about this product, it is the base for countless dishes inside the gastronomic universe of our Community and important part of our identity in the world.

One of my most beautiful memories are the years I spent in my family restaurant, years of work, but also of personal training. The idea that defines my project is the definition of moments and feelings, moments with family, friends and unknown people … but without any doubt surrounding a good rice dish. Because what people don’t know, is that living abroad, makes us missing our roots a lot. One of the things that excites me the most is arriving at my house from Milan with my eyes lit up and thinking: “Al vore l’ arròs en taula he tirat ma al cullerot ”(Valencian expression: Just seeing the rice I’m taking the spoon) . Yes, yes, who was going to tell me, and at that moment the idea came to me!Why not? While I was telling my friends about this project of designing a lamp in the shape of a “cullerot” for the Gandia Blasco contest.

This has all been just a dream. Yes, yes, but the dream has come true, even though when I woke up, I was still in Milan, sitting on my red sofa, waking up from an instant nap. We already know that it is typical of Valencians and Spaniards or (so they say). This is where the idea of “Cullerot” (ladle) (was born. And I thought, the first thing I want to do is to eat a good plate of rice and a glass of wine, toasting with my friends and talking about our life projects.

The meaning of “Cullerot” is to re-thinking about this everyday object creates a feeling, a memory, an experience, a smile, between us and the rest of the world


Portable outdoor lamp made of 100% recyclable polyethylene using a steel mold. Lighting with led technology. It can be hung wherever you want, you will be able to support it anywhere. Its color will be translucent and it will be an easy to move and transport.

The Cullerot rechargeable cordless lamp is a 50 cm high lamp. Its charging power will be with lithium battery and it will be charged by means of a battery that we will connect to the power; it is turned on and off by a touch element. The Cullerot lamp is an original and remarkable object to use anywhere, it’s original design is normally recognized asanother common use.


CATEGORY : Decorative piece of forniture 
DIMENSION:  6cm x 50cm x 3cm