The Tuc-Tucan project was created for many reasons. I remember sitting on the couch during Covid-19 quarantine, where I was at home for 3 months, I remembered that years ago I was a waitress while studying design, as I often thought about creating solutions while working.

One of the things that often happened to me was bringing the drinks to the table and I always had to go back because a glass was missing or something else that I couldn’t bring at once. Obviously, I tell this story from my point of view, talking about a simple snack moment, drink and chips, in a bar.
Having this thought in my head and tidying up my wardrobe, I found a dress! I looked at a yellow dress with printed toucans and suddenly I found my inspiration! I’m going to draw a toucan!
After a brainstorming, I present Tuc-Tucan, it consists of a container, four glasses and the head of Tuc-Tucan to put a small aperitif. It is composed of two types of materials: glasses and glass jug, and the plastic head part. Finally, its name, the graphic part that is inspired by the “tuc” cookies, comes from the simple gesture of chewing a packet of crackers when you are hungry and away from home. Toucan, on the other hand, comes from the image that is inspired by the Toucan, one of the many kind of birds that existing in the world.

CATEGORY: Handcraft decorative element.

MATERIAL: the glasses and the jug are made of black and white glass. The lid of the container and the head of the TUC-

TUCAN are made of plastic.

DIMENSIONS: Glasses: 8x6cm; Receptacle: 9 × 15 cm; Peak: 10x8x8 cm.


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