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Rosa Diez

Great attention to detail

My name is Rosa Diez and I am a Product designer and interior designer.

I studied in four different universities, learning different working techniques and different ways of approaching the project.
The first, where I earned a three-year degree in interior design, is EASD Alcoi.
At EASD Valencia, I started studying Product design instead, and then moved to Milan in the second year at the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera”.
I graduated from the biennium in Product design in 2019 and Milan has also become my city where I currently live.
Meanwhile, in 2018 I also had an experience in Barcelona, ​​at the LCI Barcelona university, which allowed me to acquire skills in the field of packaging and fashion.
After graduating in Product design at the Brera Academy, I started collaborations with Spanish companies in Valencia: Vidrios Sorribes, Diez Ceramic and 5punto1.
My objects and drawings are works of art, the result of the combination of everyday objects and the desire to communicate a story.
I like to deal with topics such as sensuality, everyday life and surrealism.


– 2019/2020

Tomasella Desall Contest  “New Wardrobe Doors” 
Gandia Blasco  Contest (Spain)   
 Bottega Intreccio  Contest(Milano, Italy)

– 2013/2014

 “Las Naves” spazio contemporaneo della creazione, VLCREA Contest (Valencia, Spain)


 CEVISAMALab “WASH & GO PROJECT” Contest (Valencia, Spain)


FAD Barcelona Awards Contest(Barcellona, Spain)



Centro de Artesania de la Comunitat Valenciana l  “100 anos de vidrio Sorribes” (Valencia, Spain)